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Sofa Roni
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Sofa Roni


Product information:
The size of the pillow: 45 × 32 cm.
The pillow filler: MEMORY.
Height: 20 cm.
For animals up to: 8 kg.


SOFA RONI is dressed in the fabric BRILL and PIXEL.

BRILL - it's elegance, durability and convenience. Because of the fibers used and the manufacturing method, each color variant of this fabric is shimmered with many shades enriched with a subtle diamond shine uncontrollably associated with sophisticated and sophisticated textiles. BRILL has excellent technical parameters, and protection in the form of ZERO SPOT SYSTEM makes the fabric not only strong, but, above all, simple in everyday use. This technology makes it difficult to penetrate the liquid, and also facilitates the removal of all types of spots.

PIXEL - this is a fabric whose geometric pattern forms multicolored squares that fit into a bizarre combination. In addition, various types of weave are used on the individual elements of the pattern, which emphasizes the originality of the fabric. The color scheme is close to brown, beige and gray, that is, safe, "home" colors. They revive their fashionable accents of turquoise, red and yellow.