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Sofa Provance
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Sofa Provance


Product information:
The size of the pillow: 65 × 45 cm.
The pillow filler: MEMORY.
Height: 24 cm.
For animals up to: 20 kg.



COUNTRY FLOWER and COUNTRY - a collection inspired by the Italian province, its special appeal and simplicity of village life. The collection tears you from reality and carries it to another world breathing the Mediterranean climate. They are all in a delicate, pastel color scheme. Here, lavender flowers, olives, azure sky and sun-burnt land are floating. Due to the lack of intensive shades, various textured contrasts, the collection is very calm and from this it is so natural.

Fabrics COUNTRY COLLECTION practically does not absorb dirt, and the fact that most stains can be removed with clean water makes this collection very functional and practical. This is the result of the protection that the ZERO SPOT SYSTEM gives. This safe technology was developed in ITALVELLUTI laboratories, it complicates the penetration of liquids into the depth of the tissue and facilitates the removal of stains.

COUNTRY COLLECTION - undoubtedly a fresh and original collection, which is ideal for different shades of wood, glass or polished metals. This is also a new look at the needs of the market and the expectations of more and more demanding customers and at the same time appealing to the style and spirit of Italian traditions.