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Sofa Leo
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Sofa Leo


Product information:
The size of the pillow: 45 × 32 cm.
The pillow filler: MEMORY.
Height: 20 cm.
For animals up to: 8 kg.


SOFA LEO is dressed in a fabric ADAMANTIO.

ADAMANTIO This is an innovative product from the microfiber group. Thanks to the technological know-how, instead of the typical suede texture for microfiber, it was possible to create an innovative effect of natural wool.

ADAMANTIO thanks to its elasticity, as well as a cohesive structure, easily adapts to all upholstery forms for both classical furniture and modern. All kinds of special seams are emphasized and expressive. ADAMANTIO is a fabric containing 100% polyester fiber.
It is a product with very high strength, resistant to peeling.

ADAMANTIO characterized by the extraordinary ease of keeping clean. The technology of ZERO SPOT SYSTEM contributes to the fact that it is exceptionally resistant to contamination, both wet and dry.