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Sofa Chester
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Sofa Chester


Product information:
The size of the pillow: 76 × 54 cm.
The pillow filler: MEMORY.
Height: 27 cm.
For animals up to: 35 kg.


SOFA CHESTER is wearing a PRADO fabric.

The volume texture, soft shine and noble shades of velor "Prado" allow the collection to be called a model of elegance and intellectual chic. The refined luxury of the Prado can not leave indifferent admirers of exquisite fabrics. Silvery mother-of-pearl luster combined with a warm matte texture gives the fabrics a unique shade of bohemian nobility of vintage velor, which was so appreciated at all times.

Inhomogeneity of the velvet pile of the fabric allows us to say that the furniture fabric PRADO обладает эффектом “крэш”, а благодаря своему составу устойчива к истиранию и долговечна. Коллекция «Прадо» имеет богатую цветовую палитру: пастельные, молочно-бежевые соседствуют с малиновыми, изумрудными, синими, лиловыми цветами.

The natural composition allows preserving natural hygienic and tactile properties.

Has a trendy texture with a vintage crash effect.

Furniture in this collection has a noble chic, looks rich and luxurious.