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HappyHip - crafting workshop, where exclusive, quality, reliable and comfortable sofas for dogs and cats are created. Each presented model is patented, made of environmentally friendly materials and has a memory effect.

HappyHip: history of foundation

It all started when a four-legged pet appeared in our family - the French Bulldog Paradise. As you know, the French are allergic, which makes it difficult to find a bed and create a comfortable environment for the animal. Then we started looking for a sofa or chair, which would provide convenience and security to our Paradise.

Paradise is our true friend and our happiness. It was he who became the culprit and the inspiration. It was only thanks to him that we began to deal with a business that had not been represented before. Namely - the production of upholstered furniture, but not the one to which we are accustomed, but unique - armchairs for dogs and cats. First of all, we thought about him, about Paradise. Eternal problem with ears, drafts, cold floor. We really wanted to protect him from all this. And we were looking for... But, alas, all qualitative and environment-friendly models were abroad, which was not very convenient.

I really wanted that he had a cozy, comfortable place on the hill and drafts did not reach him. And of course with a comfortable pillow, because he's already an adult guy, and with age, and there was a problem with the spine - the characteristics of the breed. It was then that we fired up the creation of a Ukrainian workshop, where every owner could buy a good lounger for his pet. This is how the HappyHip workshop appeared.

Of course, all good things do not come out right away, and before we started making sunbeds, we had to work hard for two years. For this time we have collected the real masters of furniture manufacture, have picked up the best materials for manufacturing, have developed and patented author's models of sofas.

HappyHip: taking care of your pet

Cats or dogs, gentle purrs or grumblers, big or small - we love and care for absolutely everyone! Our main goal is to provide high-grade comfort to your four-footed friend. All the sofas are beautiful and cozy, and unique shapes and fabrics will perfectly fit into any interior: from classics to the avant-garde.

HappyHip sofas are:

  • Comfort.

Home pets, regardless of whether they are active or lethargic, like to luxuriate and take a nap. Each of the models provides a full comfortable rest.

  • Safety.

The design of sofas is designed to exclude injuries and bruises even during the most violent game.

  • Aesthetic appeal.

The sofa is very beautiful looking and harmonious placed in the interior.

All furniture HappyHip is created with a huge love for animals, with care to them and sincere participation. Every detail, seam and detail of the sofa are designed to please your furry friend.

MEMORY FOAM - foam with memory effect

In HappyHip beds we use an innovative filler "MEMORY FOAM". Hypoallergenic foam has a memory effect, reacting to the weight, body temperature and shape of the animal, satisfying its needs. This provides a full-fledged comfortable rest, which is especially important for elderly pets.

Italian fabrics ITALVELLUTI

All woven elements of the sofas are made of safe, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and wear-resistant fabrics of Italian origin. To improve user characteristics, the fabric is protected from stains by the Zero Spot System. The manufacturer uses trendy colors and patterns in its collections, which provides an attractive appearance.

EIGHT reasons to buy a sofa HappyHip:

  1. Handmade
  2. Exclusivity
  3. Non-traditional production
  4. Environmental cleanliness and material safety
  5. Unique pillows with a memory effect for a comfortable sleep
  6. Stylish design
  7. Availability of patents
  8. Italian fabrics with anti-pollution

Animals adore having a cozy place where they could retire away from children and noise, so this acquisition will be a real gift for your pet. Our chairs create a sense of security and comfort.

We are happy to help you choose the right bed for your four-legged friend!

HappyHip — there is a Paradise on Earth!


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